Care and feeding of your new website


Content / User Experience Strategist

University of Iowa

Laura Christenson


The Fam


Central IT


Content Editor

Central IT

  • Oversees scores of sites for various areas
  • Develops and themes Drupal sites
  • Administers and supports Drupal
  • Works with various webmasters throughout university
  • Responds to project requests from webmaster


  • Oversees dozens of sites
  • Monitors overall quality of all websites
  • Trains and assists content editors
  • Troubleshoots technical issues with content editors
  • Liaises with central IT on technical issues
  • Educates content editors on usability and information architecture

Content Editor

  • Manages one site, or portion of a site
  • Understands website practices and guidelines
  • Content expert, reviewer, and updater
  • Understands editing in Drupal
  • Helps determine web priorities for area
  • Initiates new projects with webmaster

Now that your site is launched... have to maintain it

Style Guides

You should have one.

How do you handle

  • Phone Numbers
  • And vs. &
  • Login, Log-in, or Log in
  • Links

Webmaster Emails

Use a generic email address

  • Have at least 2 people with access
  • webmaster and back up
  • content editor
  • set up forwarding rules

Update Content

Ask yourself, is it:

  • free of spelling and grammar errors?
  • up-to-date?
  • accurate?
  • usable?

If not

  • revise
  • delete
  • update

File Management

Get rid of junk.

Links Break

Spider the site weekly to check for broken links.



How well does your site display in search?

  • Crawl / URL Errors
  • Search Appearance - HTML Improvements
  • Malware

How to Check

Google Webmaster Tools


Firefox Toolbars


Managing Updates

  • Regular updates required for security
  • Update on DEV first
  • Check all functionality on DEV
  • Back up (in multiple places) before pushing to PROD
  • Push to PROD then check EVERYTHING